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McCarthy Offroad Racing Team

McCarthy Team

Carrie McCarthy
Carrie McCarthy


  • Team Owner and Manager
  • Robbie McCarthy - Co-driver

    Robbie McCarthy


  • Fearless Co-driver
  • Lindsey McCarthy, Carrie McCarthy and Dana Cooper
    Lindsey McCarthy, Carrie McCarthy, Dana Cooper, Wendy Brown


  • #1 Support Team
  • Gravey

    Greg "Gravy" Crowther


  • Co-driver and Prep Team
  • Greg Brown

    Greg Brown


  • Logistics and motorhome captain of "Big Chase 1"
  • Mike Cooper - Pit Captain
    Mike Cooper


  • "Pit Boss" and Chase Team
  • Robbie McCarthy, Cade Wilson, Josh Spivey
    Robbie McCarthy, Cade Wilson, Josh Spivey


  • Mike's 2010 BAJA 1000 Co-drivers
  • Logan Brown
    Logan Brown


  • Pit Crew and #1 Backup
  • Gravey, Pat and Mike

    Gravey - Pat Hertrich- Mike McCarthy


  • 2010 Mint 400 Team
  • Kevin Schuck
    Kevin Schuck


  • Logistics and Motorhome Captain of "Big Chase 2"
  • Baja Billy

    Baja Billy


  • Security / Mexico Specialist.
  • Logan Schuck
    Logan Schuck


  • Helicopter Pilot
  • Matt Lane

    Matt Lane


  • Prep and Chase Team
  • Dennis Gallant
    Dennis Gallant


  • Factory Support
  • Adolfo Garcia
    Adolfo Garcia


  • Go-To-Guy
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